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About artificial flora | À propos de la flore artificielle

✓ Fresh for as long as you want

Flora Magnifica only proposes exclusive top-end silk flowers that mimic natural flowers best. They feature natural coloration nuances and increasingly, touch-realism. You will rarely find our quality and range of flowers in other shops. Scented candles and sticks can add floral fragrance if desired.

Flora Magnifica flowers can be used in difficult environments: dark, hot, cold, draft, air-conditioning, altitude, maritime, ...

They can be stored away for a while or re-used in other compositions, even natural.

✓ Made sur-mesure for your interior

Flora Magnifica is not a bouquet factory. All arrangements are uniquely styled taking into account personal preferences, corporate identity, the context of placement and vase.

We prefer to visit your interior in advance but can also work off photos.

Flora Magnifica uses flowers and greenery from all seasons to differentiate from “much of the same” elsewhere.

✓ Require no effort

Flora Magnifica compositions are delivered ready-made in their vase, so you don't need to cut stems, remove leaves and thorns or arrange stems.

Flora Magnifica flowers do not wilt, rot and become smelly. There’s no water to refresh and there is no pruning or cleaning to be done. Flora Magnifica arrangements are a time-saver.

Even though most flowers have had anti-static treatment, an arrangement may need to be dusted from time to time (just as the other objects in your interior). This is easily done with a quick once-over with a hair-dryer on lowest temperature or with canned anti-static air as used for electronics. You can also use an old blush brush or a damp cloth.

✓ Non-allergenic and hygienic

Natural flowers can be a problem for those with increased hypersensitivity of the immune system. They can also be the bearers of mold which can pose a problem in settings where hygiene is important. Regularly changed Flora Magnifica silk flower arrangements offer a much-appreciated alternative.

✓ Recyclable and far less polluting

Although natural flowers are biodegradable, they often contain chemicals that have been used to grow and preserve them. These chemicals pollute the land on which the flowers grow and degrade, and can affect the health of flower growers and buyers. (Télérama 13/11/2018)

The majority of flowers originate in foreign countries from where they are air-freighted all over the world every day of the year for further distribution by trucks.

It is arguable that recyclable silk flowers bulk-transported around the world by sea-cargo impact the world’s resources less than the far higher volume, non-stop, temperature controlled high-speed distribution systems for perishable flowers.

✓ More affordable

As in other places in the world, natural flowers are becoming expensive in Paris. Bouquets rarely last for more than 5-6 days, so year-round floral decoration requires a substantial budget.

Flora Magnifica offers silk flowers and artificial plants and trees that will save lots compared to a yearly budget for natural flowers, not counting the time (and money) saved no longer maintaining natural flowers.

✓ Support a local floral artist and the community

The concept of offering top quality silk flowers, plants and trees, and bespoke silk flower arrangements adds diversity to the local community’s marketplace and something different to your interior. Support Flora Magnifica so that uniqueness is preserved for the community.

Contribute to improving the local community by buying from independent local artists instead of (inter)national chains that spend their income elsewhere.

It reflects well on you to tell others that you are supporting a local artist instead of (not) telling them that you buy from a chain.

When you personally know the person behind a local business you enjoy a connection you would otherwise not have. You get a better, more personalized level of service.